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Published Every Monday Since 2007   | Volume 879| September 25, 2023

YTD so far these many weeks markets were up (Bull picture shown), down (Bear picture), or draw (Bull/Bear picture) …
Bulls (Markets UP) =22…
Bears (DOWN) = 16… and Draw = 0

The DOW slipped 648 points for the week

  • The DOW was down -648 points or -1.9%, the S&P 500 was down -125 points or -2.8%, and the Nasdaq was down -458 points or -3.4% for the week ending September 22. Oil was down -$0.8 or -0.8% to $90.33 per barrel.
  • The Federal Reserve in its September meeting this past week stated that the Fed plans to keep the interest rates elevated until it is convinced that the inflation will get to the target of 2%.  See the details below.

As expected the Feds left key interest rates unchanged

On Friday the Fed Chair of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Jerome Powell, announced that it would keep the interest rate unchanged. The Feds have raised the interest rates a total of 11 times in a short 12-month period.  The Fed chair mentioned that the Fed will keep the interest rates elevated until it is convinced that inflation will reach the target of 2%.

The pace of inflation has been on a decline for the last few months from its peak in June of 2022 at 9.1%.  The Federal Reserve Bank remains determined to address aggressively to tamper the economy and the rising inflation to its dual mandate of inflation around 2.0-2.5% and full employment. 

  • The 30-year fixed mortgage is hovering above 7%.  The rise in interest rates has started to slow down the hot housing market as higher mortgage rates make the monthly payments higher for home buyers.
  • Also, read about the tapering – click Fed Tapering of Q.E.


What is a federal funds rate?

What is interest and APR?

Fed Funds Rate (overnight lending between banks from reserves)

The Fed Funds rate range is 5.00-5.25%


Discount Rate (Feds charge member banks to borrow for reserves)

The discount rate is 5.25%


How to be financially strong? Start early, and now!

We are starting this section as a running blog to educate you about key and simple things one can do now to become financially stable, and over time become a millionaire! 

These are easy things to learn, such as, managing your costs, saving money, long-term investment with the power of compounding, and many more topics. The idea is that educating yourself about these topics can give you a head start to shape your future – our motto – Today Shapes Tomorrow! 


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  • 2023 the DOW is +4.5%, the S&P500 is +15.9% and the NASDAQ is +31.0%
  • In 2022 the DOW was -8.8%, the S&P500 was -19.4% and the NASDAQ was -33.1%
  • In 2021 the DOW was up +18.7%, the S&P500 +26.9% and the NASDAQ +21.4%
  • In 2020 the DOW was up +7.2%, the S&P500  UP+16.3% and the NASDAQ UP +43.6%
  • In 2019 the DOW was up +22.3%, the S&P500 up +28.9% and the NASDAQ up +35.2%
  • In 2018 the DOW was down -6.7%,  the S&P500 down -7.0% and NASDAQ down -4.6%.
  • In 2017 the DOW was up 25.1%, the S&P500 up 19.4% and the NASDAQ up 28.2%

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