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“Today Shapes Tomorrow
 Published Every Monday    Volume  142 Special Edition August 3, 2009
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Every summer you can find few neighborhood entrepreneur kids with a lemonade stand.  This is a story about smart and tenacious kids, who took a challenge to get an early lesson on the reality of running a competitive lemonade business called Lemonade-Stand-Company.  

There are fifteen small sections to this story.  Each section targets some simple business ideas behind running a lemonade business.  The business is run for 12 weeks.  Each week poses some real life challenges which are analyzed to help improve sales and profits.  Based on the situation, strategy is adjusted to remain a viable and competitive business.  Bottom line–outsmart and out run the competition to exceed customer needs. 

What do you need to start a lemonade business?  You simply need good ears to listen to the customer.  Accordingly plan and find creative solutions to meet customer’s need and just have lots of fun doing it! 

Chapter 1 – Work hard, plan hard – Do your home work, it pays! Volume 127

Chapter 2 – Money, Money, Money – Family and Friends help out Volume 128 

Chapter 3 – Fantastic first week in the Lemonade Business! Volume 129

Chapter 4 – Plan for the rainy day – Not all goes as planned in week-2 Volume 130

Chapter 5– Just keeping above water – Breaking Even in week-3 Volume 131

Chapter 6 – Competition is good – “Jack & Jill Lemonade” in week-4 Volume 132

Chapter 7 – Set yourself apart – Differentiate!  “Jack & Jill Lemonade” makes you think hard in week-5 Volume 133

Chapter 8 – Competition heats up but your new strategy seems to be working in week-6 Volume 134

Chapter 9 – Competition heats up more, but your new strategy seems to be working in week-7 as well Volume 135

Chapter 10 – Fight the “Price War” with your Strategic Sword in week-8 Volume 136

Chapter 11 – “Price War” Continues – Competitive advantage kick-in week-9 Volume 137

Chapter 12 – Results of Price War – Signs of victory in week-10 Volume 138

Chapter 13 – A hard fought victory against “Jack & Jill Lemonade” in week-11 Volume 139

Chapter 14 – The final victory lap – Sweet taste of success in week-12 Volume 140

Chapter 15 – Count your beans! The final answers for the Lemonade Stand Company Volume 141

Learn more about…

What is Credit History?  Why is it important to have a good credit history? Volume 12.    

What is Economy, Business, Workers, Goods,  Services,  Stock, DOW, S&P500, and NASDAQ in Volume 16. 

Does it pay to study hard? Volume 17.    

What is Currency and Foreign Currency Exchange rate? Volume 14What is stronger or weaker currency? Volume 20. What does the dollar slide mean? Volume 32.

How does money grow in a bank? Volume 21. 

What is Fed Funds rate and Discount rate? Volume 22

What does the interest rate cut mean for you? What is APR? Volume 23. 

How to read stock information? Volume 25.

What is “Black Monday”…Crash of 87”? Volume 31.

Who are CEO, CFO, Shareholders, and the Board of Directors? What is SOX? Volume 33

What does “$4.95 + Tax” means?  Volume 47.

What is a Recession?  What is a Depression? Volume 48.

What is Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)?  What is a Merger?  Volume 49.

What is ADR?  Volume 62.

What does buying back of shares means?  Volume 63.

Why is consumer confidence so important?  Volume 64.


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