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“Today Shapes Tomorrow
 Published Every Monday    Volume  64 Special Edition May 12, 2008
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Professor’s Corner

Why is consumer confidence so important?.

The preliminary confidence survey for April done by University of Michigan fell to 63.2 from 69.5.  This is the lowest consumer confidence since 1982!

The consumer confidence is important, because, if people feel less confident about their future, jobs, and economy, they will want to spend less money and less buy goods.  When people do not buy goods, then businesses cannot sell what they make.  Businesses soon start to reduce the number of people they need.  Soon unemployment starts to increase.  When people lose their jobs it makes it difficult to pay for the mortgages, and therefore, it would make the housing problem worse.  This starts the cycle that is not good for the people, housing market, and the economy.  Many experts believe that US economy is now nearing recession.


Why is consumer confidence important?

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