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“Business News for KidsTM is an easy to understand business and economy news platform for kids of all ages.  We believe that “Today Shapes Tomorrow” and so we have chosen it to be our motto.  An early business education can keep kids’ interest alive in money matters and prepare them for a bright tomorrow.  We hope that one day these kids will run businesses or work for one to make our economy stronger.
We plan to make every attempt to keep the business news simple and exciting for kids’easy understanding.  In addition, we plan to keep up with their knowledge and add more advanced topics while keeping it fun and simple for their learning and enjoyment.  We plan to address the needs of kids in the primary, middle and high school.
The Team
My two young sons who inspired me to launch this effort, and I, make up the core team.  My elder son acts as a special editor to make sure that the news makes sense to other kids.  We lead this initiative and engage on a need basis highly educated people with Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD’s from top tier education programs, with real world experiences and enthusiasm to make a difference in the world we live. Our audience, the parents and their kids who want to prepare for tomorrow, remain key contributors!
We seek people who play a significant role in making this initiative a successful program to benefit the kids. These members act in various capacity ranging from news selection, editing, to advisory and counsel roles.  If you believe in this cause you are invited to join us!
As a matter of policy we do not seek any personal information from parents and kids.  Our communication is only via e-mail of a parent who has the discretion to decide what is appropriate for their kids. We invite all to learn from our initiative. 
Business News Topics
After significant debate we have chosen to cover the following topics.  However, please write to us what you would like to see more. Here are the reasons for each category selection and the companies that we plan to focus on:
It is a worthwhile industry topic for kids as it is an integral part of our daily lives and we use automobiles to go places, school, work, shopping, fun things, friends and family to meet.  We plan to follow the top companies in this industry such as General Motors (GM), Ford, Toyota, Honda, DaimlerChrysler, Nissan etc… to track for the interesting news.
It is such an exciting and vast area that we will focus on technology where a direct simple business impact is visible to a kid.  We do plan to bring the news and knowledge of science and engineering that affects our lives and environment we live in to this website.
With the current focus of the news on Green house effects and the change in climate and environment, we want the kids to learn the business aspects of the environmental issues. 
Computer and Electronics
Most the kids are familiar with it and use it so much that this topic was not of contest.  We plan to update on the news that relates to the topic and follow interesting news for the top companies in the industry, such as IBM, DELL, Apple, HP, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia….
Daily Stuff
Things that we use on a daily basis.  For example, to clean our cloths we use soap and detergents made by P&G, Colgate, Post-it, UPS, Walmart, Target, P&G, United, CitiBank, etc.  We will share the news related to these companies.

Economy and its news affects all of us, how we live our lives, buy or sell things, spend monies, and our future.  We plan to bring certain simple concepts as government policies, interest rates, trade, etc. into the picture to stimulate the learning further. In addition, we believe that kids are equally impacted by our job situations and therefore, we will keep a pulse on the job news, as appropriate.

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