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“Today Shapes Tomorrow

 Published Every Monday    Volume  129 Special Edition August 3, 2009

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Chapter 3 – Fantastic first week in the Lemonade Business –Week-1! 

In previous chapters we discussed details of the business plan and financing to run the Lemonade-Stand-Company.  You successfully acted, followed-up, and launched your Lemonade-Stand-Company. 

The first week turned out to be fabulous! 

Your grand opening worked out better than expected.  Most of the week, weather was sunny and warm.  Many people from your neighborhood stopped by your lemonade stand to admire your efforts and to wish you the best success in running business. 

You were able to sell, as planned, all 70 lemonades in a week.  In fact, you were overwhelmed by the neighborhood demand and sold all our lemonades within the first few hours each day.   You feel good and pat your back for a good start!

Your week-1 business sales and profit details look as follows- 


For the next coming weeks, you start to think about “what ifs”.  For example,


  • How is weather going to impact the lemonade sale?  

  • What if less number of neighbors stop-by to buy lemonades?

  • What if more kids start a lemonade stand, say “Jack & Jill Lemonade Stand” to compete in the same neighborhood?

  • What will happen if your parents want their table, etc. back?

  • How will you keep this business profitable?

    Let us see how it works out for you in the coming weeks.  For now, enjoy your newly found success!

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