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“Today Shapes Tomorrow

 Published Every Monday    Volume  132 Special Edition August 3, 2009

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Chapter 6 – Competition is good – “Jack & Jill Lemonade” enters in week-4

Last week we discussed details of the third week.  We talked about breakeven. You worked hard this week to make sure that you beat the breakeven of 23 lemonades this week.  Hot and sunny weather helped you to sell 35 lemonades in the 4th week of your lemonade business. 

You put your thinking hat on, and ask why just 35 lemonades were sold this week considering all days were warm and sunny?  One reason was the fact that other kids in the neighborhood started “Jack & Jill Lemonade” stand just down the block.  Some of your customers went to the “Jack & Jill Lemonade” stand.  Now you have competition to deal with.  What should you do?  What will happen to your business plan of 70 lemonades a week for a dollar?  What should you do to keep sales and profits for your business going? Let’s discuss it in the next chapter but for now this is how your 4th week numbers look –    

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